The Lost and the Insane

The dry climate in the Southwest makes the world look different. Mountains appear to fade into the blue sky from a distance, only showing their true reds, browns, and oranges upon much closer inspection. The rocky faces jut out of the flat land like a fist pumping into the air; a sudden motion, unexpected to the untrained eye. The foliage of the east coast has … Continue reading The Lost and the Insane

Drive On

In the south, even the oldest, greyed out, decaying pavement has a mirage like shimmer in the distance. The heat waves bouncing off of the blacktop, like a picturesque, poorly placed lake. Like camels in a desert, we follow the shine in hopes of quenching our thirst. Drive on, drive on, drive on, the grass is greener on the other side. Like the non-existent pool … Continue reading Drive On

All Ships Sail to Mystic

  Home of the famous Mystic Pizza which, cringe, I’ve never seen before. I stopped in to the infamous pizza shop anyway to see what all the hype was about. The menu has a little recap of the movie, so I got the gist, along with the movie playing on repeat now on their big screen. The “Slice of Heaven”, as it were, was quite … Continue reading All Ships Sail to Mystic