Autumnal Stardust

The wind rushes through the yellowing leaves, swaying the trees to a slant. The unhindered sunshine fools the world into thinking its warmth will be enough to cut through the crisp autumn air. Although the flowers are fading, the cool breeze smells shockingly fresh.
The tendrils of vines that used to hold blooms are now simple flowing lines creating incongruity against the perfection of brick. It can almost remind one of the cracks in a chapped lip.
We rake away the remnants of the plants shed skin to make way for the clouds upcoming outpouring. As the world frosts over, the human race hides away from the elements; inside their constructed confinements, they convince themselves that the earth has forced them into this.
Many have referred to autumn and winter as a time of darkness, isolation, death; however, it is simply the first step to rebirth. The everlasting circle of natures phoenix. A cleanse. Trees bare their trunks the way we bare our skin in the summer. As we cover up, the earth unravels in an attempt to show us the beauty of its original stardust. The pure simplicity it began with.
What a wonder it would be if, like trees, we too would shed our brightly colored lips and smoky eyes to have a barren face; show our imperfections, if but for a moment. Drop the simulated smile, take away the stony stare, what then would be left there? Step out from behind the society driven mask and let the world see you for what you are – imperfect just like all the rest.
The things is, our imperfections are what give us our individuality. Our differences make us unique. I’m not sure our “imperfections” really are imperfect, in the true sense of the word. Without them what are we?

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  1. Mr Midnight, Sir Winston and myself from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place” love this piece of writing. You point out the importance of being ourselves within the Autumn theme which we found a great angle for displaying this necessity.
    We believe it doesn´t matter how we “appear” to be to the outside world because is our uniqueness and inner values which are of importance.
    Meow from Mr Midnight, purr purr from Sir Winston and many thanks fro myself. 🙂

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