Scream Your Story

The coffee percolates in the next room, drip drip dripping into the black pool below. Beep, beep, beep; a shrill alarm letting you know that the liquid is ready to wake you up. Take the cup from the cupboard, set in front of the maker, take out the sugar and the creamer, mix, sip, a tad more sugar, smile. Sit on the comfortable couch, tune to the news, frown.
  • “Woman Locked in Storage Unit By Potential Serial Killer”
  • “Amid scandal, bluster and insults, Trump closes in on White House”
  • “Brad Pitt seeks joint custody in divorce from Angelina Jolie”
They continue this way, speaking of negativity and dismay. We play a would you rather game with our government. We thrive on the undoing of celebrity couples, secretly feeling better about our own “average” lives. Every “reality” show carefully scripted to create drama that unfolds in front of the unexciting lives of the many.
Our lives become engrossed in others ups and downs and we forget to have our own. We spend about 47 hours a week (almost 6 days in terms of a normal 8 hour day) at work, and on our off days we sit dormant, buried in the couch cushions living vicariously through the actions of others. The television convinces us that we are simply a face among many; an insecure, inept nobody whose story is not worth telling.
Wake up! Loosen the edges and jump out of the confines of your constructed life. Indulge in moments, in food, in drink! Stop using excuses on yourself when no one else is even listening. Erase the word but from your vocabulary. Create a story worth being a part of, worth telling, convince the world you are a part of it. You are the author of your life-story.
At the end of the day your story begins and ends with you. You came in screaming, do not go out silently.


  1. Sir Winston, from our blog “Gilmours Nice Place”, asks why do we have to “come in screaming”? Life can be so easy, we just have to create it.
    Mr Midnight adds that life is really what we make it and we are indeed, the masters of our lives.
    I believe that our present day lives are only reality today because of our thoughts and actions from our thoughts from the past. So should we not give ourselves a chance and attempt to “change the tracks of life” by living more conciously?
    Contrary to popular belief – we are in control of our lives (if we wish to do so!).
    Meow, purr purr and kind regards out of themagical black Forest. 🙂

    • Hey there, thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! My “come in screaming” comment was about how we as babies making our way into the world often do so with shrill cries. I agree that we are the creators of our own life story, and that living more consciously rather than attempting to see ourselves through the view of the media. We are in control! We are the author of our own novels.

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