Late Introduction

Though a little late for an introduction, I am going to give one anyway.
My name is Jessica, I am 25 years young, and I hail from the great Adirondacks of Upstate New York. For the past seven years, I have resided in several apartments across Manhattan and Northern New Jersey. Until recently, sales and merchandising has been my life; long hours at the office and endless emails flowing into my phone until all hours of the night. Numbers upon numbers, excel sheets tightening around me until I wanted to burst. I lived in what I liked to call a copy-paste world. Why? Because I would literally be copying and pasting information from one document to another a majority of the day. Mind-numbing. I stayed because it was easy. It was a way to earn a living and isn’t that what everyone’s goal is? To earn more money, “living”, than the next guy? Let me tell you how much that is not the case.
Three weeks ago, I gave my two week notice without securing a new job. Gasp, I know, but let me explain.
This most recent job, pardon the cliché, fell in my lap. I was recommended by a prior colleague during my final semester of college and who was I to say no to a paying job right out of college? I quickly moved up in the company as I mentioned, the work came naturally. The issue was that it was not something I was passionate about. Regardless of whatever talent I had in the field, without passion, I was neither serving myself nor the company as well as I could have. I cannot speak for all employers, but I can say that my boss completely understood, he was 100% supportive and we both fully intend on staying in touch. We had a lengthy discussion about how money (that ever-lingering question of how to “make a living”) is simply not a motivator for me. I understand that everyone needs to make money to stay afloat, but if you get up every day with a sigh thinking about the job you are headed to, don’t you think it’s time for a change?
I studied English at New York University, with every intention of joining the publishing world upon graduation, holding two internships in the field during my years there. For me, numbers, spreadsheets, and data entry are simply not motivating factors; that is not to say that they cannot drive others, I am simply speaking for myself. I am more motivated by learning; reading articles about new subjects, interviews with strangers, trips to new places, etc. Though I no longer wish to be in the office environment of publishing, I fully intend on being a part of the story-telling process. Moments. Moments are so much more precious, so much more valuable than any amount of money. Hence, this blog.
Without an income, I’ve made the decision to move back to my parents house for the time being. However, I have saved up a bit of money and have decided that come March or April I will be sliding into the driver’s seat of my Nissan Sentra and headed on a country-wide road trip. Until then I will be doing some online work to earn what I can in order to not blow through the savings that I do have. I’ll also be checking out some local historical spots, seeing as Upstate New York is filled with them. Once on the road, I will be sure to keep everyone updated on all of the memorable moments I stumble across.
Stayed tuned for more observations.
Yours truly,
The Onlooker



  1. Hi, My Friend!
    Let’s get together before March….with someone who loved doing what he did in life and who still counts his blessings everyday !

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