Saratoga Beer Week – Olde Bryan Inn

February 25th, it’s 65 degrees out, it seems like April with the sun shining and the breeze whistling around us. A perfect day for the culmination of Saratoga Beer week. My sister and her recently acquired fiancé (by which I mean he finally gave her a ring after 5 years) decided we would join the crowd for the final day. It appeared that every dog … Continue reading Saratoga Beer Week – Olde Bryan Inn

Friday Favorites – 02.24.2017

Friday Favorites will be a new, running recap of my favorite headlines from the previous week. Whether it be political or scientific, I will simply link some eye-catching news so that those of you who are working 40+ hours a week can still stay in the loop. It might also give you a peek into my interests outside of my own writing. THIS WEEK’S FAVORITES … Continue reading Friday Favorites – 02.24.2017

Spring Reconstruction

When the snow melts and the sun shines down on a newly green grass, the world wakes up. Our hibernating spirits shed our winter fur and we are ready for new beginnings. From St. Brigid’s day in February to the Songkran Water Festival in April, spring is celebrated with welcoming cheer around the world. Along with the changing of the season, people often promise a … Continue reading Spring Reconstruction

A Divided Democracy

bi·par·ti·san (adjective) of or involving the agreement or cooperation of two political parties that usually oppose each other’s policies The US has a famously divided political system, the far right standing opposite the far left. However, we are seemingly missing a crucial link – the center. The idea behind the three-branch government (Executive, Legislative, and Judicial) was created to instill a balance of power, ensuring … Continue reading A Divided Democracy

A Reflection on an Overworked America

Today, January 31st, is National Plan for a Vacation Day, started by Project: Time Off. The idea is to sit down, review your vacation benefits, and plan your full year of vacation days. By allowing the time to take an account of the full year ahead, it is less likely that days will be forfeited at year’s end. Currently, an alarming 55% of Americans leave at … Continue reading A Reflection on an Overworked America