Friday Favorites – 02.24.2017

Friday Favorites will be a new, running recap of my favorite headlines from the previous week. Whether it be political or scientific, I will simply link some eye-catching news so that those of you who are working 40+ hours a week can still stay in the loop. It might also give you a peek into my interests outside of my own writing.
NASA Announces a Single Star Is Home to At Least 7 Earthlike Planets: I’m a science nerd and you can trust that I will be keeping an eye out for more news on whether they find actual proof of other life forms around Trappist-1.
Our Bots, Ourselves: The development of artificial intelligence is happening faster than we realize. Perhaps the plot of Humans isn’t so far off.
Social Media Are Driving Americans Insane: A recurring theme on my blog, we need to disconnect from our devices!
The Unseen Threat to America: We Don’t Leave Our Hometowns: The sentence that struck me the most “Each region has its shopping malls, its hospitals, and its schools in what is now a nationally recognizable sameness.” We do not leave our hometowns because we no longer seek the unknown.
Swedish Politician Says Employees Need Paid Sex Breaks: For a country that already works the least number of hours in the EU, the proposal to take an hour-long sex break raises eyebrows, to say the VERY least.
Cops Say She Catfished a Rival Into Jail—and That Was Just the Start: The story of a girl trying to pull a real Gone Girl, but who knows investigations are still underway. I will be tuning into Dateline tonight.
Can a Free Mind Survive in Trump’s White House: An interesting look into the new nominee, McMaster, for national-security adviser after Flynn was forced to step down.
Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds: The psychology of alternative facts and our tendency toward confirmation biases.
White House Blocks CNN, New York Times, and Others from Press Briefing: No better way to ensure the headlines read in your favor than only inviting your friends to the party…
10 Ways Minimalism Can Change Your Life in the Best Possible Way: Minimalism is about more than materialism, it’s about living your life deliberately.
On The Nature Of Time And Why We Should Live In The ‘Now’: Lynne Fisher gives a great look (with examples from Eckhart Tolle) about why we should be more present in our everyday lives rather than dwelling on the past or looking too far into the future.
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