Friday Favorites 03.03.2017

Check out my favorite reads this week below – another mishmash of politics, science, and culture.
Jon Stewart Dresses Down the Media: Jon joined Stephen Colbert on Monday to tell the media to quit whining about Trump’s treatment and to keep doing their job, namely covering his bs.
Cover Story: Emma Watson, Rebel Belle: On molding herself under the watchful eyes of Hollywood.
You May Want to Marry My Husband: Reflecting on what will be left behind.
Abuse Survivor Quits Pope’s Commission: The last abuse survivor of the Holy See commission resigned due to “shameful” resistance to ongoing abuse and cover-ups.
The Best Day of the Week to Buy Plane Tickets Is No Longer Tuesday: New research shows the Sunday overtakes Tuesday as the best day to buy your tickets for that next big trip.
Singapore May Have Designed the World’s Best Bus Stop: Adding beautiful design to overlooked everyday settings.
A Brewery Wants to Open an Entire Hotel Dedicated to Beer: Brewdog to open hotel dedicated to their ales in Ohio.
The Early Spring This Year Is Brought to You by Climate Change:The story behind this up and down weather.
White House Proposes Axing 1 In 5 EPA Staffers: Proposed staff and funding cuts to EPA.
 You Asked: Is My Smartphone Making Me Dumber? I’ve said it before, but I won’t give it up. Put the device down, and engage in your life, put your mind to work.

The Millennial Mirror: Val gives a very honest and reflective response to Black Mirror’s S3, Ep1 extreme take on social media from the point of view of the generation it so clearly depicts.

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