The Long Drive


I’m getting that jittery feeling that comes before any major step in life. In a little over a month, I will get into my 2015 black Nissan Sentra and head out on the road trip of a lifetime. I’ve been conservative with my lease miles, been diligent about services, downloaded road trip apps, read countless articles about what to bring, and generally just hyped myself up.
I’m using the ultimate road trip as a guide, but will be sure to stray. I’ve already asked Facebook and Twitter to give me suggests of where to stop, starting with the east coast, and will ask you all the same. I’d love to hear about any places off the beaten path that I should go check out. Please feel free to drop me a message or comment with any and all suggestions.
Though trying to create a pseudo-schedule and make sure I have everything I need is a bit stressful, I am, of course, incredibly excited for the journey. I am dubbing this road trip The Long Drive, which you can use to follow on all of my social media as I will be hash tagging everything. I cannot figure out how to add my Snapchat code to the sidebar, so please see below to follow!


I’m sure these jitters will be soothed once I get behind the wheel: the radio on, the car packed, destinations mapped but space for more, timing in my hands alone. Tires on the pavement and the air rushing past the windows are a melody of memories past and more to come. Images of scenery flashing by like a flip book, stopping and going whenever I please, a collage of faces, a round robin of voices. What would my story be without the short stories of strangers in between?
We all impact one another, whether the effect be slight or mighty, the impression lasts regardless. One of the things I look forward to the most is being able to observe this impact from coast to coast, the effects felt universally versus those felt only regionally. Gaining perspective and sharing it.


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