Friday Favorites – 03.24.2017

Finally back into the routine of my Friday Favorites, apologies for falling off the wagon. Life has been quite crazy lately. Alas, here are this week’s favorites.
London Attack: What We Know: I wouldn’t exactly call this a favorite but it’s a need-to-know
Trumpcare Is Doomed No Matter What: Frank Rich on Trumpcare, Russian influence, and Robert Silvers.
How Russia Recruited Ernest Hemingway: Russia has seen the potential of political gain through well-known voices for some time now
Secret Service Can’t Afford the Trump Family’s Lifestyle: All this after complaining about Obama’s golf outings.
Amber Heard Implores Hollywood’s Famous Gay Men to Come Out of the Closet: Hollywood needs to catch up with the world; it’s art is no longer imitates life, as we like to say.
10 Hidden Benefits of Being a Night Owl: Love this one because I may or may not stay up until the ass crack of dawn nightly…
Why Do Americans and Brits Drive on Different Sides of the Road?: I love little history lessons.
12 Ways the New Beauty and the Beast Is Different From the Original: Because I think everyone should go watch this new adaptation that is so great! PS. Spoiler Alert!

BLOG SHOUT OUT: Lea Writes Things: You have a unique and interesting story to tell. You just don’t realise it yet.
Lea says something here that I am very much believe in, we all have our own unique and interesting stories to tell. Our personalities, our histories, are our own novels. We should not feel compelled to write them, or tell them, in a way that we think people wish to hear them; we should not feel ashamed of things we think others would not like. Instead we should feel free to simply be ourselves, in the perfect way the world has shaped us.

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