Friday Favorites – 03.31.2017

THIS WEEK: Below are some of the current headlines effecting my thought process.
NC Bathroom Law Repeal Leaves Few Pleased: NC has voted to repeal H.B. 2 (purely for economic reasons), with a clause to temporarily ban any new anti-discrimination laws in the state until 2020…
The Gong Show, With Donald Trump: On how Trump has made a reality show out of the presidency.
Scientists Create 3D Fly-Through Map Of Space Dust In Our Galaxy: How the dust particles in space can help create a galactic GPS.
Even Healthy-Looking Suburbs Are Dying From Drugs: Perhaps it is time for the country at large to start considering addiction a health issue…
Who Owns Your Face?: Big Brother is becoming a reality…perhaps is already.
United’s Legging Ban Controversy: A United employee refused to allow 2 girls onto the plane because they were “not properly clothed” spurring lots of debate
How to Remember Names: As someone who has a knack for faces while names slip through the cracks, I found this quite interesting.

I Want to Be Like Water – Miri Elm: A truly inspired poem that depicts, for me, the way life, like water, flows in and out of our crevices and effects and changes our being, our more solid and clumsy form.

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