The Final Stretch


After dealing with the state regarding health insurance for over a month now, I finally have some! On Thursday, I’ll head to my neurologist for my next round of Botox shots to stave off my chronic migraines for the next twelve weeks.
The next step to getting on the road is prepping the car. There is a tent and sleeping bag in the trunk and a cooler/warmer for food storage on a UPS truck. I have to whittle down the clothing to be packed, the toiletries simply need to be transferred from the bathroom to my bag, first aid kit and emergency roadside kit to be purchased from the local WallyMarts, and my East Coast sleeping quarters are all pretty well planned (detours TBD, suggestions welcome).
My first stop will be Boston, MA. One of my college roommates has kindly offered to put me up for a weekend stop. I very much look forward to catching up and checking out the local side of Boston that I haven’t been able to do in any of my past trips. If anyone has any suggestions, please send them my way!
As we are so close to Easter, I’ll be waiting until after the holiday so that she may enjoy that without my interrupting. It will be a later start than initially anticipated but on the plus side I will be able to enjoy two more weeks with my adorable nephews. And what is two weeks, really, in comparison to what is sure to be a four month or more journey?
The only thing now, is to hope that my pills will hold me over before I can get back for my next round of Botox shots, since I do not anticipate being able to get back in twelve weeks. My neurologist often travels for conferences and university lectures, do you think I could talk him into meeting up with me along the way? I have been seeing him for something like six years now. Yeah, probably not, right?
Well, here’s to hoping that being stress free and having my pills will be all that I need to hold them off until the next round!

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