Driving in the Right Lane

How many times have you not adhered to this recognizable highway sign? The words seem meaningless in our fast-paced lifestyle, perpetuated by the on-demand world of technology.
When you are driving with no real timeline, headed toward nothing but different signs of life, slowly scrolling through to ensure you soak in the sights is the way to go. The speed limit stops becoming a suggestion and instead makes perfect sense.
The left lane seems insane. Bobbing and weaving, the tread of their tires, like Alice’s White Rabbit, seem to shout “we’re late, we’re late.” But for what? What is the “important date” that you need to drive at ninety to reach? Is it worth risking yours and others lives to get there five minutes earlier than google states?
I sometimes wonder who came up with the word race to describe people: the human race. Perhaps because we’re all in this battle against time; a race that we will all inevitably lose.
Time wins by a greater margin if you do not take advantage of every minute it gives. Take the slow lane, the scenic route, discover a place as well as yourself. Why must it be about getting from point A to point B, why can it not be (prepare for a cliché) about the journey?
Drink wine at noon and coffee at midnight. Who says we only need to be awake in the daylight? Enjoy life how you see fit and forget those who are speeding past it.
Drive in the right lane with the windows down and the music loud. Let the world know that you are perfectly on time, because there is no other way.

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