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During my stay in Cambridge, I took a small day trip to Newport, RI with my host, her fiancé, and his sister. After having eaten lunch at the Red Parrot and driving through part of town to see the views and beautiful mansions, and the guys shooting some hoops, oh and let’s not forget that time that Jon hugged a bush (I’ll explain in another post,) we settled in the lobby of a hotel that Simon’s (Meg’s fiancé) friend was staying at. Did you know they have hotels on Naval bases? Strange right?
After some debate, in which all of us were incredibly indecisive, we figured games would be a good form of amusement.
Game 1: Heads Up
This game is, hands down, one of my favorite social pastimes. Is there ever a time that you play this game and don’t laugh so much you cry your make up off? I certainly gained some great memories simply hanging out with a few good people and not being on social media the entire time. My favorite has to be when we were in the middle of an “express yourself” round in which you have to act out the emotion that comes up on the phone. The word was gentle. How on earth do you act that out? Well, for future reference, everyone should turn and gently stroke the players next to them…or at least that’s what we all did, simultaneously.
Game 2: Sugar Packet Poker
Well, if you didn’t already guess, this kind of poker is when you bet with the sugar packets available to you by the coffee machine in a hotel lobby. If you ever play this and a random person doesn’t walk in entirely confused by the apparent amount of sugar you need with your coffee, I’m not sure you can even technically say you played.
Some terms you should know (please submit your own):
“Throw down some sugar”: when someone bets an exorbitant amount of sugar packets they are said to be throwing some sugar down
“Sugar daddy”: when the whole table decides to go all in and someone wins the whole pot, they are deemed the sugar daddy
I’m so glad I made time to simply have good conversation with friends. We often get too caught up in “doing things,” or worse, thinking that hanging out is a bunch of people around a table with their phone in their hands, and forget that relaxing with friends over a card game can sometimes be much more fulfilling.
I’ve received more than a handful of “be carefuls” when telling people that I will be couchsurfing along the way, but the thing is that without making that human connection, this trip would be pointless. Rest assured, I only stay with verified members with raving reviews, so seriously, please refrain from being one of the “be careful” crowd. Couchsurfing is one of the best opportunities to learn a city from a local viewpoint, which is entirely what I plan on doing.

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