Ivy League

So, I never applied for an Ivy school. For more than one reason, I guess, but mostly I blame the incredibly ridiculous high school counselor’s that are employed at my high school alma mater. I was once told that I should only apply for SUNY schools and forget about universities like NYU…psh, whatever you want to tell yourself lady, because I got in.
If I HAD applied for an Ivy school, I’m now convinced that it would have been Hahvahd (because, you know, they don’t like to pronounce their R’s.) Is everyone else aware that something like 95% of students graduate debt fee because of their amazing financial aid program? I learned as much on the HAHVAHD tour that I happened across whilst daydreaming in Harvard Square. Since the tours supported the students who led them, I figured I should go ahead and take it. Hey, I’ve been there. It was a fantastic tour, with only one disappointment: not being allowed into the largest academic library in the nation…I tried to explain that they were speaking to a bibliophile, but to no avail. If you have better luck, let me know.


I don’t have a very clean way of bringing this up, but you need to hear about this. Harvard apparently has this tradition called the Primal Scream. So, what happens is all of the underclassmen, mostly freshmen, gather in the square around finals in order to let off some steam. They bend at the waist and start this low rumble while rolling their fists in circles opposite each other. They start to rise slightly and with that the sound of their yell rises as well as their hands, as they reach the peak of their height they raise themselves on their toes and scream at the top of their lungs. Primal Scream. Then they do a lap around the courtyard. Except I left out one thing. They are all naked. Yeah. This happens. Google it, I promise. According to the tour guide, we only just missed it by a few days…
Anywho, from there, I moved over to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, because I’m a nerd. If you are as well, I would definitely recommend it, especially if you have children in tow. It’s a great layout of a mixture of real skeletons or creatures as well as reconstructions telling the story of evolution. To be honest, it’s probably geared toward children, but I’m a child at heart and as I said, a nerd, so it’s all incredibly interesting to me. I love anything that teaches me something, or in this case, reminds me of something I was taught and have forgotten. I love walking from the past, seeing how similar we really are to what we see as these foreign “monsters.”


Also worthy of note, they have an incredible room full of glass flowers which were designed for scientists to get a closer up look at the insides of flowers and study them further. They are one of the most incredible works of arts I have ever seen in my life, I had to peer so closely, for so long in order to convince myself they weren’t actually flowers, rather than glass. Unfortunately, I have no photos, as we are not allowed to take any in that room.
Post touring, I needed to take a seat and rest my sweaty dogs. Thus, I found the very cute Café Crema. I enjoyed a much-needed iced coffee alongside a grilled cheese and tomato soup to dip in. The place was packed, filled with students from what I could only assume was the surrounding MIT and Harvard, discussing the papers due as finals were impending. Perhaps reminiscing over their primal screams…


On the way back, I considered taking the bus with Megan’s Charlie Card. By the way, can anyone please explain to me who the hell Charlie is? There is just zero explanation on the card and no one can tell me. After contemplating that question, I decided to walk back to her apartment and stumbled upon Graffiti Way whilst someone was adding some of their contributions to it.
My final day in the “Greater Boston Area” (copyright Megan) had commenced. Providence was on the horizon.



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