All Ships Sail to Mystic


Home of the famous Mystic Pizza which, cringe, I’ve never seen before. I stopped in to the infamous pizza shop anyway to see what all the hype was about. The menu has a little recap of the movie, so I got the gist, along with the movie playing on repeat now on their big screen. The “Slice of Heaven”, as it were, was quite good, I must say. Down the street, you’ll find the iconic drawbridge, which lifts once every hour and is one of the last left in operation. You can sit at the cute little ice cream shop and watch it rise, if you feel so inclined.
While I was in Mystic, it was pre-season and completely calm and serene, despite the less than ideal weather. I do believe it was a majority of natives meandering the streets rather than tourists. When I entered the harbor, which has been preserved as a working harbor, shipyard, and museum, I felt as if I was the only one there. There were some students who must have had a season pass that could be seen in the entrance drawing charcoals of the boats docked out past the windows. It’s truly an educational experience as you can explore the docked ships as well as the preserved buildings. There are also demonstrations of the ships materials being forged, as they continue to make materials in an older fashion, the old school printing press that is still used to make invitations, etc.
While in Mystic, you must be sure not to miss the incredulous Aquarium. Especially if you are there on a dreary day as I was. I spent the worst weather in the aquarium while everyone else seemed to be hiding in their hotels or homes. I stared at the penguins for far too long and marveled at the belugas. The belugas were extremely playful, I could have stood and watched them all day. At one point a family was watching at the glass and one came up and shot water over the edge at them and then sunk against the glass to watch their reaction.


Just next to the Aquarium is the Olde Mystic Village, full of shops and little places to eat. I walked around for a bit, but to be honest it was quite touristy in there, with tourist geared prices, and so I opted to grab dinner in what seemed like the real Mystic to me. The main drag, including Mystic Pizza, seemed like a place I could plant roots for a while.

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