Lesser Than

So, I know people are probably annoyed that I’m not giving play-by-plays on what I’m doing everywhere. But seriously, do you know how hard it is to take a full day and sit in a coffee house to write rather than get out and do stuff? Also, sometimes I just don’t really do anything exciting. Do you really want to hear about my trip to the laundromat?
Here’s the deal, these posts are probably going to be some realizations along the way that I really need to get out and can’t wait until after to write. When I get back and have some time to reflect on the whole trip, then I’ll go back to my notes (seriously, I have a notebook full of my hardly legible, handwritten notes on each place) and write some more posts that are a little more of the play-by-play style.
So now that I have that out of the way….
I’ve seen quite a few state capitol buildings on this trip. At first, I was really impressed simply due to the architectural value they hold. I would walk around, camera poised, and take hundreds of shots of each little piece. However, after seeing several and discussing the state of our union with several hundred people, it makes me cringe a little. Now, all I can think walking into these buildings, is maybe if we made them a little less ornate, we would have a little left in our budget to spend on real issues, on people.
Granted, a majority, if not all, of these were made during the very beginning of our country. However, the point remains the same. Perhaps if we were not so concerned about showing off our “strength” and “wealth” we would have more of it to spread around today.
I’ve been contemplating what I want to do with myself when I get back from this trip, naturally. Considering I just up and quit my job to drive around the country, which some would call crazy. More and more I have been trying to figure out how I can get involved in, or start, some sort of foundation for education or homeless; something to benefit the less than in this country that often get overlooked.
I recently stayed with an amazing couple in a tiny town in Southwest Oklahoma which opened my eyes quite a bit to the lack of education in areas with a smaller population. Only a small portion of funding comes from a federal source, leaving the state and the local taxes to pick up the rest, when you live in a less populated, poor neighborhood, that doesn’t get you very far. This particular town, for example, the principal was teaching three courses as well as driving the school bus, due to lack of funds for more staff. I can only imagine what the state of their books were or if they even had computers available to them.
It’s things like this that truly drive a wedge in our nation. Due to being born into a “lesser than” neighborhood, a person is less likely to get an education equal to their fellow countrymen that were lucky enough to be born elsewhere. And wouldn’t it be great if we didn’t spend money on making buildings and raising funds for campaigns but instead helped to level the playing field?
I’m not yet sure what foundation or group I may join or start, but I’m definitely going to keep thinking on it the rest of the way.

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