Home Sweet Home

Well, 45 states and four and a half months later, I’ve landed back in New York (for all of those people I met along the way who had no idea what part of NY I was from, please refer to the Glens Falls dot above.)
I know, I know. I didn’t make it through all 48 like I planned, nor was I able to update along the way, but I’ll explain all of that.
I was doing so many things, seeing amazing new places and meeting some pretty incredible people. Though I took notes in my handy-dandy notebook (insert Blues Clues theme song here) sitting down to really come up with a good blog post simply took too much time out of the seconds that were seemingly speeding by on the road.
I reached Arizona and my hard drive decided to fail for absolutely no reason. Best Buy kindly let me know that I had bought a lemon…which I didn’t know was a thing for computers…
Skip forward a few months to St. Louis, where my car got broken into and my camera and a bunch of bags were stolen.
Another few weeks to Michigan and I spill an entire cup of piping hot Starbucks on myself and get second degree burns on my legs.
Plan the trip back through Southeastern Canada to end up in Maine and travel back through New Hampshire and Vermont to upstate NY. THEN realize that my passport was in one of the stolen bags and have to cancel said plans…..
It was at this point that I decided taking a break at home seemed to be exactly the signals life was giving me. So here I am, back in the Adirondacks with a working computer and lots of notes to go through. My burned legs are healing and I’m spending some much-needed time with my family. Hopefully, I’ll get out to the last three states of the lower 48 soon (though being from the Northeast means I’ve been to them before, the travel bug is simply never going away), but I think I’m settling in for a while.
On the plus side, you can plan on some more regular posts with colorful stories for the foreseeable future.
The next adventure? Job hunting.

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