Mr. Cure

I met a man once who claimed to have the cure to cancer.
I’m not sure I believed a word he said, but his own faith was devout. His confidence was somehow impressive in an insane asylum kind of way.
Mr. Cure was a nutritionist. He started his newfound career when he became bedridden with sciatica and was “miraculously” cured with a new diet and meditation. He was adamant that humans had created cancer with our genetically spliced foods, our chemical processes for pasteurizing milks, and our use of man-made, unnatural additives. This, of course, is where he hooked people. With the call-back to the farm-to-table, organic lifestyle, most would tend to agree with these statements, or at least partially, in that certainly none of the aforementioned would help us.
He would go on to list several credibly sourced studies on “vitamins” that are actually chemicals produced in labs and the several different types of vitamin A, B, etc. that a person needs to be healthy. Listeners would be further affirmed of his intelligence.
The part where he tended to lose people, or perhaps just me, was the cure itself.
He professed that cancer could cure itself, if you simply let it; stop pumping ourselves full of synthetic drugs and vitamins made in labs and let the cancer feed on itself. It was the kind of circle talk that twisted and turned until every listener was swept into the eye of the storm. A category five that was only supposed to be a tropical storm.
Having known too many people to count sit in hospital beds from cancer, I don’t agree with letting cancer simply live out its life. Had we done that, I would have been at a few more funerals in the past than I would have liked…on second thought, I already have been.
Though Mr. Cure may have a point about the chemicals being added to our lifestyle, we can’t ignore the fact that cancer can come from genetics, STD’s, or other anomalies altogether. To simply allow these things to sit and fester and hope for the best would be irresponsible, in my opinion. We can certainly all be more cognizant of our diets and the foods we ingest, but we most certainly cannot expect a disease to treat itself.
I said none of this to the Mr. Cure, who was touring me around his town, allowing me to sleep on his futon bed. I simply remarked “Hm, interesting,” repeatedly and rambled the above words in my head.
I may not agree with his theory, but he certainly had the best of intentions.
We all think we have the answers to the same problems. Most of us don’t ever want to bother listening, we only care what is in our own heads.


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