Sink or Swim

Frozen flakes stream sideways, seemingly coming from a white unknown void and falling to form mountains, fossils of themselves. Life stand stills. Stalled by the static that is now blurring the vision of the screen in front of me. A quiet descends despite its resemblance to a televised white noise, only a slight rumble of the plow pushing by. Stranded. Each house a ship, the … Continue reading Sink or Swim

Scream Your Story

The coffee percolates in the next room, drip drip dripping into the black pool below. Beep, beep, beep; a shrill alarm letting you know that the liquid is ready to wake you up. Take the cup from the cupboard, set in front of the maker, take out the sugar and the creamer, mix, sip, a tad more sugar, smile. Sit on the comfortable couch, tune … Continue reading Scream Your Story

Making a Living

A cerulean skyline gives way to the city grid lines. Streamlined bodies flow against each other on man-made paths leading to hard-edged, monotonous buildings. A sea of black and blue suits and little black dresses swell against each other; the click of a pair of non-specific heels sets the pace. Carrying briefcases full of “Important” documents, the uniformed crowd file robotically into elevators which lift … Continue reading Making a Living

Autumnal Stardust

The wind rushes through the yellowing leaves, swaying the trees to a slant. The unhindered sunshine fools the world into thinking its warmth will be enough to cut through the crisp autumn air. Although the flowers are fading, the cool breeze smells shockingly fresh. The tendrils of vines that used to hold blooms are now simple flowing lines creating incongruity against the perfection of brick. … Continue reading Autumnal Stardust

Check Your Bags

It’s a normal weekday morning as commuters make their way toward the Manhattan skyline filled with grayscale cubicles. The churn of the train hums the seated to sleep while the standing sway; their eyes glazed, not really seeing anything or one that passes them by. Each stop brings the inlet of hazy air and an exchange of bodies. The meeting of eyes is instantly averted … Continue reading Check Your Bags

Keep Searching

It’s Sunday morning in a moderately paced suburb. An overcast sky bleeds sunshine through the veins of the clouds. Two men work on a rundown building across the street, the rhythm of their hammers against the window frames some of the only noise other than the passing cars, the screeching of worn out brakes. One of the men stands on a small scaffold, the other … Continue reading Keep Searching