The Lost and the Insane

The dry climate in the Southwest makes the world look different. Mountains appear to fade into the blue sky from a distance, only showing their true reds, browns, and oranges upon much closer inspection. The rocky faces jut out of the flat land like a fist pumping into the air; a sudden motion, unexpected to the untrained eye. The foliage of the east coast has … Continue reading The Lost and the Insane

Drive On

In the south, even the oldest, greyed out, decaying pavement has a mirage like shimmer in the distance. The heat waves bouncing off of the blacktop, like a picturesque, poorly placed lake. Like camels in a desert, we follow the shine in hopes of quenching our thirst. Drive on, drive on, drive on, the grass is greener on the other side. Like the non-existent pool … Continue reading Drive On

Driving in the Right Lane

“KEEP LEFT, EXCEPT TO PASS.” How many times have you not adhered to this recognizable highway sign? The words seem meaningless in our fast-paced lifestyle, perpetuated by the on-demand world of technology. When you are driving with no real timeline, headed toward nothing but different signs of life, slowly scrolling through to ensure you soak in the sights is the way to go. The speed … Continue reading Driving in the Right Lane

Arriving in Cambridge

The water does not drip, it spatters sporadically. Melodically drumming as it pools into puddles. Cool air compresses the lungs and recalls the rhythmic motion of breathing. Each frosted particle petrifying the passageway to the pumping organs below blue veins. The wind, a highway for each teardrop discarded so spitefully from the dark grey morning. It does not whistle. It whips. I have forgotten my … Continue reading Arriving in Cambridge