The Illusion of Time

As children, a day seems like a year, yet as adults, a year rushes by in what seems like a single day. Have you ever wondered why this phenomenon occurs? I find myself contemplating it more and more lately, perhaps another symptom of that ever-present quarter life crisis. To answer the question that so many have asked – “Where has all the time gone?” – … Continue reading The Illusion of Time

Sink or Swim

Frozen flakes stream sideways, seemingly coming from a white unknown void and falling to form mountains, fossils of themselves. Life stand stills. Stalled by the static that is now blurring the vision of the screen in front of me. A quiet descends despite its resemblance to a televised white noise, only a slight rumble of the plow pushing by. Stranded. Each house a ship, the … Continue reading Sink or Swim

Saratoga Beer Week – Olde Bryan Inn

February 25th, it’s 65 degrees out, it seems like April with the sun shining and the breeze whistling around us. A perfect day for the culmination of Saratoga Beer week. My sister and her recently acquired fiancé (by which I mean he finally gave her a ring after 5 years) decided we would join the crowd for the final day. It appeared that every dog … Continue reading Saratoga Beer Week – Olde Bryan Inn

Friday Favorites – 02.24.2017

Friday Favorites will be a new, running recap of my favorite headlines from the previous week. Whether it be political or scientific, I will simply link some eye-catching news so that those of you who are working 40+ hours a week can still stay in the loop. It might also give you a peek into my interests outside of my own writing. THIS WEEK’S FAVORITES … Continue reading Friday Favorites – 02.24.2017