Friday Favorites – 04.14.2017

Starting with the ever-present political talk, and moving down to some more randomized tidbits, check out what I found interesting, some entirely disturbing, this week. United’s Unfriendly Skies: How one man was forced off a plane due to overbooking. MOAB: Why Did the U.S. Use the ‘Mother of All Bombs’ in Afghanistan? Lawsuit: Coaches Knew About Varsity Rape Hazings: The things that go on in … Continue reading Friday Favorites – 04.14.2017

The Illusion of Time

As children, a day seems like a year, yet as adults, a year rushes by in what seems like a single day. Have you ever wondered why this phenomenon occurs? I find myself contemplating it more and more lately, perhaps another symptom of that ever-present quarter life crisis. To answer the question that so many have asked – “Where has all the time gone?” – … Continue reading The Illusion of Time

A Reflection on an Overworked America

Today, January 31st, is National Plan for a Vacation Day, started by Project: Time Off. The idea is to sit down, review your vacation benefits, and plan your full year of vacation days. By allowing the time to take an account of the full year ahead, it is less likely that days will be forfeited at year’s end. Currently, an alarming 55% of Americans leave at … Continue reading A Reflection on an Overworked America